greentogreen asked:

Hi! I love your blog, it's helped to give me a slight idea of what studying @ BC is like. I was just wondering about a couple of things, as I'm really interested in BC. 1, as you take classes at both CU and BC, I've heard that classes at BC are harder (to get a good grade in). Do you find this to be true? 2, do students realistically have time to explore NYC & socialize while also managing to do well in school? LASTLY, haha how do you afford BC? Thanks in advanced!

Hey, I’m so glad to hear that you like my blog! :) Let me try to answer your questions.

As for columbia vs barnard classes, it’s pretty varied. It depends a lot on the professor and what type of class it is. There are a few classes that are notorious for being more difficult at barnard, especially chemistry. And then there are some difficult classes that are only taught at columbia, like computer science. So basically it depends on what you make of it and what kind of professor you get. 

There’s a saying at most competitive schools that’s something like, “social life, sleep, classwork: pick two.” Somehow, I think barnard students in general prefer to have more of a balance of all three, and it’s up to you to really take advantage of the amazing city you will live in! Really, it is amazing. And to stay sane, you need to get off campus, although it’s really easy to put that off when you have a lot of work. So you just have to commit, even if you don’t feel like it or don’t think you have time. I try to do one fun thing off campus per week with my friends. It’s also great that I have friends who are much more adventurous than I am, because I’m never disappointed with where they take me, and it’s often something I would never have thought of doing myself.

How do I afford BC. Hahahhahahhaaha I don’t. But actually, my mom is basically spending her life savings from being a doctor on me going here. However, barnard does offer some amazing financial aid, and I have friends who pay an insanely low amount to be here.

If you want to know more about barnard, one of those adventurous friends of mine is named Jo and she runs a blog called It is great and you should check it out!!!